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This is what it looks like when you drink and smoke too much of the bad stuff...especially during a wild rock'n'roll night in Hamburg/St. Pauli. All the nice clubs and bars and for the guys of course the red-light district...but as you can see, not everybody is 'hard enough' for this...If you ever should come to Hamburg you should be 'prepared' - for whatever... :) and to be clear. it wasn't me, who threw that out...;)


This is one of the friendly people, who can be seen every night in every club or bar. They don't drink and they don't eat. They just sell newspapers. And they are really friendly!! Keep rockin'!


That's me with only good looking men! What more does a woman need? The man of her heart of course;)


This is one of the most famous Hamburgers in the world - HANS ALBERS. In the 50's he played many great seaman-rolls in great 50's singing-movies like "GROSSE FREIHEIT Nr. 7" and beside thousands of other 'pearls' he sang this sailor-song "Auf Der Reeperbahn Nachts Um Halb Eins" (you might know it...everybody does) This picture of Hans was taken in a pub called Das Herz von St.Pauli (the heart of St. Pauli)somewhen in November 2000. Actually the picture of Hans was taken from a picture of Hans, which was really huge. Hans still is big in our hearts, although he died a long time ago and never was a sailor at all...